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1/6 Chance

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Originally posted on Droplets of Stardust:
Gael would like you to know that he snatches his fiance’s complicated books and makes funny talking books out of them whenever he can. Sometimes he reads them and furrows his brows. I’m sure…

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Chapter 1.4 – GeekCon Festival

Originally posted on Stories from the Soul:
The next morning, Leia was up early, in fact she had barely slept. She had wanted to try on some costumes and decide if she wanted to wear one to the GeekCon Festival.…

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Chapter 1.2 – Little Miss Mess Maker

Source: Chapter 1.2 – Little Miss Mess Maker

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TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 5: Worries and Frustrations

Chapter 5 Brian loves his little tyke.  He doesn’t even miss his old career in science.  Sometimes he misses dabbling in the unknown, though. He’s decided to make a more concerted effort in helping Rocket with the language barrier. He…

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TS4- Murkland 1.8: Trash Baby Blues

Murkland Starter Chapter 8 Ah, remember in the last chapter I mentioned Pookey out seeking his Brennachan?  Here he is!  Poor guy, good luck… she’s next door if you’d bothered to ask! Alright so before we start the chapter let…

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