TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 5: Worries and Frustrations

Rainy Dayz Gamez

Chapter 5

Brian loves his little tyke.  He doesn’t even miss his old career in science.  Sometimes he misses dabbling in the unknown, though.

He’s decided to make a more concerted effort in helping Rocket with the language barrier.

He decided to take Rocket to the backyard for a little language practice.  Perhaps the change of scenery will help?  Rocket laughs and says, “Bizaabgotojo funny!  Squeegee!”  Brian can’t help but laugh at Rocket’s antics even if he only understood one word out of three.

Bizoopagototogo-sipaxni-sitakni stallada?”  Well, so much for one word.  Brian sighs and decides to try something different.

He tells Rocket stories.  Stories about space and adventures.  Funny stories about a man going to space finding the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

He finds a message board that looks promising and responds to someone’s post.  He feels hopeful that this is…

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