1/6 Chance

Great fun story

Droplets of Stardust


Gael would like you to know that he snatches his fiance’s complicated books and makes funny talking books out of them whenever he can. Sometimes he reads them and furrows his brows. I’m sure you are smart enough to understand them, Gael! He’s just not the best at focusing on things.


Sierra’s got an awesome promotion and with it came both a promotion dance workout and a new computer. That’s great! Now we can get started on her aspiration!

145Gael finally got to choose between being a comedian and being a musician and he obviously chose the latter. He needs to build up some piano skill, which is why I’ve bought him a keyboard (the piano was a bit out of my price range) and he can write jingles! I’ve never done this career before and it’s really cool to explore all of the possibilities.

So far he only gets…

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