About EuphorialQueen

Hello from EuphorialQueen! I am known by this name on The Sims 3 and other forums.  I love playing the Sims games and have been playing since way back in Sims 1.  Wow I sure hate to think how long ago that was.  I am currently active at TS3 Creators’ Consortium as an Administrator. It is a lot of fun getting to know other people from all over the world who share my love of the game we call Sims.

I also love the newest Sim game Sims Medieval which uses our favorite Sims characters to play the game in a whole new way.  You can read more about it at the Sims Medieval forum.

Hope you take a moment to read my attempt at storytelling.
Dreamer of Dreams by EQ right here on WordPress. Or catch the original posting at TS3 Creators’ Consortium.



5 Responses to About EuphorialQueen

  1. Hello…did I know you had this blog? Forgive this old woman. ❤

  2. ts4bacc says:

    HI EQ you should be able to see my build a city challenge challenge if you look at my profile (I think)

  3. Tom says:

    Hey, did you ever upload a house mod to “Mod The Sims”, and if so, could you tell me which one it was ?

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