CH 11 WK 2 – Retail Wars – Advertising Rush

Stories from the Soul

great idea in her pjs.png

Hallie is up bright and early. She just couldn’t sleep, she was so excited! Today, she was going to purchase some advertising for her store.

And so in her pjs, she purchases a short term television ad for $600 simoleons. Oh, but that’s not all! She also decides to use some of her perk points to purchase the Serious Shopper perk (1,300 perk points), the faster checkouts (small) perk (450 perk points) and the stunning sign perk (150 perk points). She felt so good about today. With her great sales staff, Maki, she knows that today is going to be fantastic!ad choices.pngSerious Shopper perk makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that’s what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more…

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1/6 Chance

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Great fun story

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Chapter 1.4 – GeekCon Festival

Stories from the Soul

princess in training.pngThe next morning, Leia was up early, in fact she had barely slept. She had wanted to try on some costumes and decide if she wanted to wear one to the GeekCon Festival. It was today! She could hardly wait! She really loved the Princess Leia costume. It had special meaning to her since she had been named after Princess Leia by her father.good morning alien child.png

No sooner had she taken a sip of coffee than she heard the pitter patter of tiny feet waddling out to greet her. Oriana was up and ready to go!mambo jangi

But first things first, Leia had to change the poopie diaper. “Oriana, it’s time to change out of that stinky diaper,” said Leia. Well, it seemed that Oriana was in the same mood she was when she went to bed. Defiant. Oriana didn’t want her diaper changed. Nope, nope, nope. Leia was starting to feel the…

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Chapter 1.2 – Little Miss Mess Maker

Source: Chapter 1.2 – Little Miss Mess Maker

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TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 5: Worries and Frustrations

Stormy Dayz Gamez

Chapter 5

Brian loves his little tyke.  He doesn’t even miss his old career in science.  Sometimes he misses dabbling in the unknown, though.

He’s decided to make a more concerted effort in helping Rocket with the language barrier.

He decided to take Rocket to the backyard for a little language practice.  Perhaps the change of scenery will help?  Rocket laughs and says, “Bizaabgotojo funny!  Squeegee!”  Brian can’t help but laugh at Rocket’s antics even if he only understood one word out of three.

Bizoopagototogo-sipaxni-sitakni stallada?”  Well, so much for one word.  Brian sighs and decides to try something different.

He tells Rocket stories.  Stories about space and adventures.  Funny stories about a man going to space finding the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

He finds a message board that looks promising and responds to someone’s post.  He feels hopeful that this is…

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TS4- Murkland 1.8: Trash Baby Blues

Stormy Dayz Gamez

Murkland Starter Chapter 8

Ah, remember in the last chapter I mentioned Pookey out seeking his Brennachan?  Here he is!  Poor guy, good luck… she’s next door if you’d bothered to ask!

Alright so before we start the chapter let me explain what I spent forever on but didn’t work.  I thought that there was a way in MC Command Center to store outfits.  If there is I can’t find it.  I’d wanted to store several for male, female and child and then assign them to any townies I come across.  It didn’t work.  I can copy an outfit off of one of them and paste it but I can’t save it to paste later. So I ended up going into manage worlds and doing it for each individual sim.  I’ve been giving all of the townies makeovers in my Whim Challenge so I thought I might as well do…

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Sapphire and Amber Contents Menu

Another wonderful challenge story.

Source: Sapphire and Amber Contents Menu

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