Pally’s Murkland Memories: Day 1

Pally's Scribbles

1 (2)   I remember the bus ride being long, dusty and …well murky. I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for, but knew I was ready to help make a difference. There were few of us left after the Simpocalypse. Everyone had to do their part. I was sent to Murkland.

1 (3)  I arrived at my little camp and was excited. I walked across the street and sat on the bench so I could see the whole thing and take it all in. ‘You can do this!’ I told myself.

1 (4)    While daydreaming about my future here, a couple of Murklanders came walking down the sidewalk. A man who said to call him “Pookey”, and the mayor’s wife, Aeon Salamander.

1 (6)    They both sat down next to me and began telling me about Murkland and the neighboring little town of Nukecrest. Well, Pookey tried to talk but Aeon…

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The Baroness

Source: The Baroness

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Source: Prologue

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1.01. Welcome to San Myshuno!

Looking forward to following this new Legacy story 🙂

Moving Mountains


It was a bright day when Amélie Dumont stepped out of her bus and into the new and terrifying city of San Myshuno. Remembering the green fields and the soft hills of Champs Les Sims, her hometown, she had to admit that the big city was something else entirely. A big knot of doubt and panic began to build inside her chest and she frowned, gripping her suitcase more tightly in her small hand.

Am I doing the right thing? I know so many have done this before, but …

She had traveled nearly across the whole world just to see the amazing site of the spice market before her. The sounds of people speaking and yelling, the incredible, bouncing cacophony of life that was vibrating from each colorful inch her bright blue eyes could see and the delicious smell of foreign delicacies just waiting to be tasted. It was…

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The Keen Legacy 1.5: The Flower Children

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on The Keen Legacy:
Once upon a time, on an island in the sea, there lived a husband and wife. The husband worked in the garden and his wife painted beautiful pictures. They were alone except for their…

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The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #9 PARTAY


It was hard to believe I had just met my new salamander friend a day ago.  Oshi and I have become fast friends already.  I don’t think it is because we have so much in common.  She is an excellent gardener and plays the violin so wonderfully.  Me … well most of my skill set centers around collecting cats, talking and starting fires (I would like to take some more guitar lessons but I get the feeling that Ridge is trying to avoid that subject).  Anyway, I digress!  Whatever it is we clicked right from the start.

Oshi had accepted my dinner invite and we found ourselves just chatting away all thru the meal.  The conversation was just as sweet as the grilled fruit kabobs with honey and cinnamon that I had prepared for the occasion.

We are kindred spirits, I guess you’d say.  We shared similar experiences wandering in the wilderness right…

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Letter 1: Tim to Darren

Droplets of Stardust

Previous letter: Darren to Tim

Dear Darren,

I’m sorry that I took about one thousand years to finally answer you. In the time since I’ve got your letter, I started so many times, but somehow my courage kept leaving me. I really thought that this is what I wanted – advice, help … But now I’m not so sure. I guess the minute I started writing I realized that I would have to … you know. Talk about the stuff that’s been happening.


You sound like a nice guy, Darren. I’m glad that you appreciate my honesty, but I really have to tell you that I might be the biggest liar you will ever meet. You see … I spent my whole life lying to everybody I’ve met. About who I am. Where I came from. I guess the only thing I’ve always wanted to keep in the open is…

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