Cale Bartlett

Cale Bartlett aka Never Fail Cale

His story:
“Cale Bartlett finished University with high marks in Sportsmanship and Political Science. He also earned the title Lead Llama of the local TableTop Gamers League and held the title several years in a row. Now he seeks new goals to accomplish.”
His story continued when he became a family man… sort of … after becoming very close to some well known neighbors.

“Cale has commitment issues but that does not stop him from wanting children. So he cozied up with a few lovely ladies to make it happen. He makes sure all his children are happy and have everything they need for a good life.”

Gallery Links:
Never Fail Cale
HeirsSpares Bartlett *Played Sims with some skills.
Credit: Photos by Buttonsginger

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