Curt Surley

Curl Surley – my favorite evil scientist.

His story:
Curt had always been a smart kid even if his friends did see him as a bit … odd. He was the Grand Chess Master at his school beating even the most advanced players. His parents were professors at the local University and were quite proud of their Whiz Kid Wonder Child. It was on the eve of his thirteenth birthday when things began to go horrible awry. His parents had become involved in a project at the University. They did not talk much about it which was unusual since they always shared their discoveries around the dinner table. They became tense at the mention of ‘The Project’ and always changed the subject. Then it happened. That night they all slept peacefully as the rain fell gently with brief flashes of lightening and the sounds of thunder from far off. Curt was awakened by another sound… a soft sort of humming sound very nearby. His parents were already awake and had gone outside to investigate the sound and the strange glow that seemed to envelope their whole house. Rubbing his eyes as he stepped outside he suddenly heard the humming noise become louder and the light became brighter as the beam focused on his Mother and Father. He watched in horror as they were both pulled up by the light into a … no it couldn’t be .. a spaceship!
The neighbors had reported the strange lights but had not seen the event witnessed by Curt. When the Authorities came to investigate Curt was found babbling incoherently. It was like he was talking to someone only he could see. Being a minor and obviously in no way capable of caring for himself he was taken to Sunset Sanitarium. The incident seemed to have wiped his mind clear of all except that vision… the one of his parents faces as they were whisked away from him forever. He actually became quite Mad and would tell everyone who would listen about the spaceship. He was met with disbelief and given strange looks as people backed slowly away. There was a small group there who did not back away… instead they listened intently to his stories. The group calling themselves Future Astronauts of Sunset Valley (FASV) kept asking him details and wanting to tell them more about his experience. Curt was more than happy to oblige. The FASV convinced Curt that the only way to leave Sunset Sanitarium was to pretend to be cured. Deciding this was a good idea he became a model patient. He had been covertly researching Landgraab Industries Science Facility, Serpentine Labs in Sunlit Tides, Cure-All Collective in Aurora Skies and Area-52 Test Labs in Lucky Palms. They all seemed to vaquely reference some research done in a place near Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. And that was how Curt Surley came to live in Willow Creek.

Gallery Link
Credit: Photos by Buttonsginger
Reference: Madd Science Featuring Curt Surley
Rosebud 500K Solitaire

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