Ren Konstantin – The Grey Man

Renaldy (Ren) KonstantinThe Grey Man

His story:  §♦§ Maxis Fav
When the dust cleared Ren found himself amidst a pile of rubble. Slowly opening his eyes he had trouble focusing and his head felt like it had split wide open. He saw movement of something large coming towards him. He tried to stand but instead he fell back into a swirling pool of nothingness.
Ren drifted in and out of consciousness.
He had a vague recollection of muted voices that sounded like they were far away. Sometimes they sounded closer but he could only make out a few words in his clouded mind. Words like ‘disaster’ and ‘collapse’ and something that sounded like … ‘argyle’?
Ren’s vision was still impaired and he could only see light and dark and vague outlines. He was aware of the light that would be intensely bright and then the smothering darkness … darker that any night.
When he finally woke he was in a strange campsite with little to no recollection of his past life.
“Words like ‘disaster’ and ‘collapse’ and something that sounded like … ‘argyle’?”
The word was actually “Argyria” and it was the reason for his dusky blue skin. He was not sure how he knew that but he knew it was right. Ren was tired almost all the time and suffered debilitating bouts of nausea. Maybe it was the air? The air had an odd mixture rot and sour metallic smell. The headaches and blurred vision were horrible. But the dreams … the dreams were maddening. At times Ren was unsure what was real and what was a hallucination.

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