Springer Jacks

Springer Jacks 
Pets was soon to be released and that is what inspired Springer Jacks. Can you guess what inspired his name? If you said dog breeds you would be correct. {Springer Spaniel and Jack Russell Terrier}

His Story: §♦§ Maxis Fav
As a child taking things apart and putting them together again was always fun. Joining the Medical field would be a natural choice… or not. *Ahem*

When the Cats and Dogs EP was released Springer became a Friend of the Animals
Springer is an animal lover and wants to be Friends With ALL the Animals. He is dedicated to making all animals feel safe and loved. His adopted Kitties are just the beginning.” Springer and his adopted cats Tondah – Pockets – MrFuzzypants were also selected for a §♦§ Maxis Fav

Springer Jacks §♦§ Maxis Fav
Springers Pets §♦§ Maxis Fav
Credit: Photos by Buttonsginger

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