Yodah Ladee Whooo

Yodah Ladee Whooo – Whistler and Yodeler extraordinaire

Her story: §♦§ Maxis Fav
“Five time champion in the Annual Barn Swallow Whistle and Yodel Competition Yodah Ladee lives somewhere in the Deep Woods. Those sounds you hear late at night might just be the wind. Or it could be Yodah Ladee Whooo practicing for her next win. Can she once again beat her arch rival Whetcher Whistle? Will Whetcher Whistle pucker up… or shut up?”

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Yodah Ladee Whooo
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Whetcher Whistle by Buttonsginger #BGsCreations
“Whetcher Whistle is a “pucker whistler’ with a remarkable three-octave range and uses his teeth to whistle while most others use their lips. Will he finally be able to beat his arch rival Yodah Ladee Whooo (#EQCreations ) at the Annual Barn Swallow Whistle and Yodel Competition?”